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Product CodeProduct NameMSDS
C1163Alkaline-Iodide-Azide - APHA Alsterberg Method MSDS for
C1164Alkaline-Iodide-Azide - APHA Winkler Method MSDS for
C1898Indigo Carmine - Biological Stain MSDS for
C1899Inorganic Carbon Std. - 10.0 ppm w/v MSDS for
C1900Inorganic Carbon Std. - 20.0 ppm MSDS for
C1901Inorganic Carbon Std. - 50.0 ppm MSDS for
C1902Inorganic Carbon Std. - 100.0 ppm w/v MSDS for
C1903Inorganic Carbon Std. - 200.0 ppm MSDS for
C1904Inorganic Carbon Std. - 1,000 ppm w/v MSDS for
C1908Iodine Solution (see - Gram's Iodine Solution)
C1909Iodine - 0.01 Normal MSDS for
C1912Iodine - 0.025 Normal (N/40) MSDS for
C1913Iodine - 0.0282 Normal Solution MSDS for
C1914Iodine - 0.0473 Normal Solution MSDS for
C1915Iodine - 0.1 Normal (N/10) MSDS for
C1918Iodine - 0.125 Normal MSDS for
C1919Iodine - 0.2 Normal MSDS for
C1920Iodine - 0.5 Normal MSDS for
C1921Iodine - 1.0 Normal MSDS for
C1926Iodine Monochloride Soln. - WIJS Solution MSDS for
C1927Iron Filings (Coarse) - in Shaker Bottle MSDS for
C1928Iron Filings - Fine MSDS for
C1929Iron Filings - Coarse MSDS for
C1930Iron Metal MSDS for
C1931Iron Metal MSDS for
C1935Iron Standard - 10.0 ppm Solution MSDS for
C1936Iron Standard - 25.0 ppm w/v Aqueous MSDS for
C1937Iron Standard, - 200 ppm MSDS for
C1938Iron Standard, - 1,000 ppm MSDS for
C1941Iron Standard, 10,000 ppm - In 5% Nitric Acid MSDS for
C1942Isobutyl Alcohol - (2-Methyl-1-propanol) MSDS for
C1943Isopentyl Alcohol - (3-Methyl-1-butanol) MSDS for
C1947Isopropyl Alcohol - (2-propanol) MSDS for
C1948Isopropyl Alcohol - (2-propanol) MSDS for
C1949Isopropyl Alcohol - (2-propanol) MSDS for
C1950Isopropyl Alcohol - 70% v/v MSDS for
C1951Isopropyl Alcohol - 90% v/v Solution MSDS for


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