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Product CodeProduct NameMSDS
C1956Lactic Acid - 85% MSDS for
C1957Lactic Acid - 85-90% MSDS for
C1958Lactose - (Milk Sugar) MSDS for
C1959Lanthanum Chloride MSDS for
C1960Lanthanum Nitrate - 0.1 Molar MSDS for
C1961Lanthanum Standard - 1000 ppm w/v MSDS for
C1962Lanthanum Standard - 5.0% w/v as La MSDS for
C1963Latex, Liquid - Low Ammonia MSDS for
C1964Lead - Shot #8 MSDS for
C1965Lead Standard - 1 ml = 0.01 mg Pb MSDS for
C1966Lead Standard - 100 ppm w/w MSDS for
C1967Lead Standard - 1,000 ppm w/w MSDS for
C1970Lead Acetate MSDS for
C1971Lead Acetate MSDS for
C1972Lead Acetate - 5% w/v Aqueous Solution MSDS for
C1973Lead Carbonate MSDS for
C1975Lead Chloride MSDS for
C1976Lead Dioxide - (Lead Peroxide) MSDS for
C1979Lead Nitrate MSDS for
C1981Lead Oxide, Red MSDS for
C1982Lead Oxide, Red MSDS for
C1983Lead Oxide, Yellow - (Litharge) MSDS for
C1984Lead Oxide, Yellow - (Litharge) MSDS for
C1988Light's Solution
C1989Limewater - (Calcium Hydroxide Sat.) MSDS for
C1991Lithium Standard - 1,000 ppm MSDS for
C1995Lithium Carbonate MSDS for
C1996Lithium Carbonate MSDS for
C1997Lithium Chloride MSDS for
C1999Lithium Chloride - Saturated in Ethanol MSDS for
C2000Lithium Nitrate MSDS for
C2001Litmus - 0.5% w/v MSDS for
C2003Luminol (see 5-Amino-2,3-dihydro-1,4- - phthalazinedione)
C2004Lycopodium MSDS for
C2845L-Tartaric Acid MSDS for
C2846L -(+)- Tartaric Acid MSDS for


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